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Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet!

I am a professional network engineer and general geek. When I am not playing PC video games I am either spending time with my lovely wife or building and troubleshooting network configurations for fun and profit.

This site is hosted on Slicehost. My own personal Linux server. I have to admit that getting myself a slice and getting it setup has been the most educational experience I've had in a long time. I learned more about linux in 4 days than I had in the previous 3 years. And the refresher on (bad) HTML was very nice too. At least it validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional, I'm too lazy to try and go for the strict flavor.

<shamelessplug>And really, $20 a month isn't bad for root access to your own little server with a linux distro of your choice, a static IP, and gobs of bandwidth.</shamelessplug>

The different pages on this site go over various topics relating to networking for those interested in learning. Since I have a very Cisco oriented networking background the style leans in that direction and most examples are based on Cisco equipment. Thankfully Cisco's stuff is very standards compliant so the principals are pretty portable to gear from other vendors. The main thing is wrapping your brain around the different naming conventions and syntax.

As you might have noticed I like to use links to explain or emphasize things rather than type more words. Its my way of elaborating on something without making an entire extra page on the site. The link colors are subtle because thats the point, its a subtle thing. My use of images is sparing because I feel that unless you are an artist publishing your work images aren't really content. I do use some to associate the site with other things (like that gilder up there) and make use of the ocassional diagram.

This site is still very much a work in progress so alot of stuff isn't here yet, isn't finished, or just doesn't work. I have a very busy schedule so it is sometimes hard to find time to work on this site. So don't hold your breath for updates. ;)

My next project is to teach myself perl again as I used to know it pretty well a few years back but my programming skills have really rusted over time. Meh, such is life.
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