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Modpack: Dragoons 1.6


Based on Direwolf20 2.0, now with:

You are free to explore the Twilight Forest!

Use Immersive Engineering all you want!

Put actual furniture in your home with Decocraft2!

IndustrialCraft 2 has been removed.

The world is a magical and dangerous place...

Server Specs

CPU: Intel Core i7-2630QM

RAM: 8 gigs

OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Kernel Boot Flags: nopti nospectre_v2 nospec

Java Flags: -XX:+UseG1GC -Xmx6G -Xms6G -Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=2147483646 -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=32M

Minecraft Flags: nogui

Server Admins: Haxley, Saritna

Notable Balance Changes

The Actually Additions solar panel has been made significantly cheaper to craft.
The Thermoelectric Generator, Windmill, and Water Wheel have had their power output increased.
Immersive Engineering wire coils, wire connectors, and wire relays are all much cheaper to craft.
Creosote Oil can now be used to make various type of meat jerky.
The Immersive Engineering Blast Furnace can now make marble from limestone.
Immersive Engineering fluid pipe is now much cheaper to craft.
Paper can now be made from Industrial Hemp.
The IE Powered Lantern and Floodlight no longer require power to function.
Transmission loss has been removed from all Immersive Engineering wires.
The Immersive Engineering Blast Furnace is now easier to build.
Flight has been disabled in the Twilight Forest.
Immersive Engineering MV Wire Coils have had their maximum range increased to 24 blocks.
The Smeltery can now make steel and graphite.
Rock crystal ore is more common due to the Resonanting Wand being bugged.

On Changes and Design Goals

Overall Goals

I once heard Direwolf20 say that the goal of his pack was to let people play the way they wanted by giving them multiple ways to do everything. I have taken this to heart and providing multiple equally valid choices for every situation or task is one of the main goals of both my additional mod choices and my balance changes. The other main goal is to add more content to the game so people have lots of different things to do. I also want both magic and tech themed game play styles to be equally possible and powerful.

Early Game Power Systems

Early game power systems were a bit out of whack. The solar panel couldn't even be built early game and the windmill and water wheel just didn't make enough power to be worth the effort required to build them. The coal generator from Actually Additions was far and away the best option early on. Now all three are competitive early game power options with different pros and cons.

The solar panel is super cheap and does not need fuel but is low output due to only working during the day. This prevents it from providing constant power without some sort of battery system. Solar panels also create a very large number of grid connection points. The connection point requirments and low output prevent solar panels from scaling into mid game very well.

The windmill and water wheel make the most power and do not need any fuel but require the most effort and space to setup. They force you to spend a lot of time and resources to get the most out of them and they force your power grid to cover more distance than the other early game generation options do. The large space requirments of these systems make it hard to scale windmills and water wheels into mid game.

The coal generator needs fuel but makes a reasonable amount of power. It is compact, easy to build, and does not force you to make your power grid larger than it needs to be. Although it does not waste fuel it is not very fuel efficient and the constant need for low energy density fuel keeps it from scaling into mid game.

Mid Game Power Systems

Mid game power systems were rather lacking. In older Direwolf20 packs the only reasonable options were spruce trees with Thermal Expansion machines or canola oil from Actually Additions. Everything else just wasn't up to par. We now have more options. The main mid game power systems are listed in order of roughly how hard/expensive they are to set up starting with the easiest/cheapest. The harder and/or more expensive an option is, the better it scales to larger amounts of power production. There is a lot of overlap in the overall capibilites of these systems. This is intentional as it makes them all potentially viable choices depending on your mid game power needs and what resources you have avilable. Note that all of these are technically renewable power sources, even Oil.

Thermoelectric Generators have been buffed into a mid game power option. They are easy to setup but they do require some planning to avoid setting your base on fire. Although their output is much better than before it still isn't amazing and they don't have any upgrade options like the other systems do. Also making a lot of them starts to need more lava than you may want to bother with. This makes scaling them somewhat hard.

Canola Oil is unchanged. It is easy to setup and can make a reasonable amount of power in a renewable fashon. However it does not scale very well due to the manual nature of higher tier canola refining and the generation limits of each oil generator.

Tree Oil, aka Spruce Power, was a bit overpowered in earlier versions of Thermal Expansion and has been severely nerfed by the TE devs. They overdid the nerf a bit and so it has been partially walked back. However the lower energy density of the fuel, the new requirment to spread extractors out across many trees, and its reliance on the boiler/turbine conversion mechanic for high output keeps tree oil from scaling as well as the remaining two options.

Grassoline is a new renewable power option in Thermal Expansion. The idea is that you process crops such as wheat into a liquid fuel that is then burned for power. It takes more work to setup than tree power but scales better and eventually gets the option to move away from the boiler/turbine conversion mechanic to a more efficient, and eventually more powerful, design based on the agitative manafold. If you dabble in Immersive Engineering enough to get the garden cloche this becomes a very powerful generation system.

Oil Power uses a mix of things from Thermal Expansion and Immersive Petroleum. First you have to use a core sample drill to locate a chuck with an oil deposit. Then you have to build a pumpjack multiblock structure to extract the oil. The oil can then be processed into refined fuel and burned for energy. This is a lot of effort and requires that you go down the Immersive Engineering tech tree to some extent. However it scales the best and has the easiest time moving away from the boiler/turbine conversion mechanic to a far more efficient and powerful ignition plugs based design. It is also able to produce sulfur and even cerosote oil as a byproduct of energy production.

Power Transmission Systems

Immersive Engineering wires are a low cost low capacity system overall. The cost of a powergrid based on IE wires scales up more so with the number of connection points on the grid and less so with the distance the grid covers. Upgrading the grid to a higher capacity tier is more involved than with other systems and connecting lower and higher tier wires requires extra transformer equipment.

Thermal Dynamics fluxducts are unchanged and provide an expensive but high capacity system that offers some residual energy storage. The cost of a fluxduct based grid scales more with the distance the grid covers and less from the number of connection points. Upgrading the grid to a higher capaciy system is straightforward and different capacity tiers of fluxduct interoperate seemlessly without needing any extra equipment.

Actually Additions energy laser relays are also unchanged and are a mid cost solution that can transmit power through walls and other obstructions. However unlike the other two options lasers lose some energy in the trasmission process. The cost of a laser based grid scales more with the number of connection points and the lasers themselves can be seemlessly exchanged for fluid and item transferring versions. Upgrading the lasers to higher capacity isn't to hard and different laser tiers interoperate seemlessly, although the entire grid will suffer the loss rate of the highest tier laser in the chain.

Other mods like Ender IO also add power transmission systems. They have not been changed but they may be rebalanced if needed to keep them in line with everything else.

Teleportation Systems

The Rftools teleporter always bothered me. The cost of six ender pearls per location prevented it from being built early game and kept it rare in mid game but once someone found The End not only could they easily mass produce teleporters but they could also bypass the ender dragon fight if they were properly prepared. This created more of a floodgate situation than a progression system.

To address this the Rftools teleporters have been made more expensive and the Waystones mod has been added to create additional teleportation options. The general idea is that a Waystone based teleportation network, while still expensive to make, is much cheaper than a network based on the Rftools teleporter. Waystones are also more user friendly and do not require RF power. They also offer a more fantasy style asthetic verses the tech asthetic from Rftools. This lets people make asthetic choices without sacraficing gameplay capabilites, which I feel is a good thing.

Waystones are pretty simple. You make one, place it in the world, and give it a name. You then right click it to "activate" it. You can then right click on any waystone to teleport to any other waystone that you have previously activated. So they basically work like WoW flight points in the sense that the first trip to a waystone placed by someone else needs to be made via other means. And then once you have been there once you can freely teleport there.

The warp stone acts like a flight master's whistle from WoW. Holding right click with it in your hand will let you teleport to any waystone you have activated. It has a 5 minute cooldown but this can be changed in the server config if people feel that it is too long or too short. The warp scroll is just a cheaper single use version of the warp stone.

Note that Waystones and the warp stone/warp scroll cannot traverse dimensions like the Rftools teleporter can.

Dropping IndustrialCraft 2

IC2 is a poorly designed mod. Not in the sense that it isn't well made, because it is very well made. But poorly designed in the sense that it goes out of its way to punish players for using it. Crafting in IC2 is excessivly tedious, machines can only be picked up in the one anointed way, it is not compatable with the standard RF power system, and it forces you to manage three power grids with no easy way to make them interconnect. Given how repulsive IC2 is for players its inclusion in the Direwolf20 pack is just bloat. Everything IC2 provides is also provided by other mods in ways that are more user friendly, more powerful, or both. Choices are good but IC2 actively limits your choices due its unwillingness to implement cross mod compatibility or adapt to the modern modded Minecraft landscape.

In a nutshell the only thing that makes IC2 stand out at all is the fact that it is a walled garden that refuses to interact with the outside world and the only gameplay it really offers is the distain for its players that those walls are made out of. However if someone specifically asks for IC2 it can be re added to the pack without much trouble. But if someone asks for it and I put it back they had better use it. 😉

- Saritna

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